General Rules :

  • No Photos & Video are allowed in the Main Dungeon without getting permission from the Management. They have the right to deny or allow in certain areas of the club.
  • Cell Phones are allowed outside of the Blue Room in the Main Dungeon Space as long as it is not disturbing a Scene in progress. Please be mindful of others around you and use the silent mode on your phone.
  • Chicago Rose prohibits Concealed carry on the premises pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/65. Other weapons like Knives etc are strictly prohibited. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave and possibly banned.. 
  • You must be Sober & Drug free when entering. You will be asked to leave the dungeon if it makes other people uncomfortable around you. The Chicago Rose is a Drug Free environment.
  • Nudity is allowed at The Chicago Rose as long as you have a towel to sit down in the Shared Social Seating area or outside. A limited amount of towels are available by request.
  • You Must get Permission before touching someone. 
  • Please respect the boundaries of the person if he/she is wearing a collar or any marking that shows belonging to another person.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter the Dungeon. you will be asked to provide a valid ID or Passport. Failure to provide one will deny you entry. 

Scene Rules:

    • All various types of Play (ex. Wax Play) are allowed as long it is done safely and does not violate rules. 
    • You are welcome to watch a Scene in Progress as long you are not intruding on it or standing over them and make sure to give them their space. however if a scene is in progress inside the Blue room and the curtain is closed, it simply means they would like to have privacy meaning no one should be looking inside while they play. 
    • Do not interrupt or stop someone else\'s scene. if you believe it is a matter of safety or somethings wrong, speak to the Head of Security or Dungeon Manager immediately.
    • RACK or abbreviated as risk-accepted consensual kink is allowed. Please request permission from Head of Security or Manager.
    • All Play must be Safe, Sane and Consensual. Safe Sex Supplies are always available for your use. First Aid kit is also available should something warrant the need of it.
    • The \"Blue Room\" is limited to 1 hour of usage, if you need more time, speak with the Head of Security or Dungeon Manager.
    • When using furniture that is provided in the dungeon please make sure it is cleaned when done with the scene. We provide disinfecting wipes and sprays.

How a Scene is Stopped:

Chicago Rose operates on a Traffic light System for types of play including RACK. the following are:
    • Green = Continue Play
    • Yellow - Caution
    • Red = STOP!!

The Dungeon House Safeword to use is ROSE!!. Shouting or saying it will stop the scene immediately. Your partner may also give you a specific safeword or gesture to use. 

Attire Rules : 

  • When you enter the club you must be in Civilian clothing.
  • When you go outside to smoke or vape you are to be presentable and have a top and bottom piece on;
    • Shoes are optional but suggested
  • When inside you are, free to wear whatever you like, no matter the quantity or lack thereof.