Spaces and Rooms available:

  • Bar: The bar
  • Oasis: A more secluded area at the back of the club with a palm tree.
  • Chillzone: A lounging space in front of the bar with couches.
  • Ultralax: Another lounging space that has comfy couches.
  • Area 69: An empty space where you can use suspension harnesses and will hold up to 9 people at a time.
  • Dogo Zone: Space where pup and pet players can romp around.
  • Nursery, an area where people can enjoy or explore their little side.
  • Blue Room: Named after the lighting in the room is a very private room that has a door.
    • Available for up to 1 hour and can be extended with management approval.
    • Sign-up sheet available on the door.

Furniture available:

  • Handmade Spanking Table x 3
  • St. Andrew's Cross x 2
  • Breeding Benches x 2
  • Padded Table x 2
  • Elevated throne x 1
  • Adult sized crib x 1
  • Medical examination table x 1