Who are we?

Chicago Rose has been successfully operating for more than 10 years now. Chicago Rose has been known to be, for many years now, a safe and comfortable space to explore kinks and fetishes; Those ranging from Heavy BDSM to Age Play. The owner, management, and dungeon master take pride in the club wants everyone to enjoy themselves and be safe while performing or learning new things. From time to time you may see the owner pop in. If you do ask about adult camps or flogging, you just might learn something new. Chicago Rose is a private 18+ Social Club that gives individuals access regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.  One thing to mention, we DO NOT condone non-consensual play of any sort in the club. So that means no fondling, starting a scene, dominating somebody, or touching someone in an obscene manner without THEIR consent.

What furniture do we have to play on?

Chicago Rose provides a wide range of high-quality BDSM furniture. Members have access to:  

Most of the furniture is handmade by the owner's previous spouse

Three handmade spanking tables

Two handmade St. Andrew's Crosses

Two Breeding Benches. 

One handmade table for massage or diaper changes

One suspension rack which can support up to nine people

One elevated throne

One adult sized crib to put your little one down for a nap.

One medical examination table

How do I get in?

There is a $5.00 cover charge at the door and you MUST have a legal State I.D., Drivers License, or Passport. We will not accept identification such as Student I.D or U-Pass. If you forget your Identification card you will need to go back and retrieve it before we can legally let you enter Chicago Rose.

What space is available at Chicago Rose?

there is a very large open space, a semi-private area, and a blue room that can be rented from 30min to 1 hour per use.

The Blue room. The nicknamed comes from the blue lighting in the room. Usage of the room is limited to 1hr but may be extended at the manager's discretion.

There is a breeding bench, couch, and queen sized bed in the room as well.

A semi-private area around the corner from the bar.